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Eric Crawford, Ph.D., DABMG — MicroFISH Assay System
Senior Director, Genetics Associates, Nashville, TN

Our lab provides a full-range of clinical cytogenetic services with an emphasis on high quality results and fast turnaround

times. In 2014, we began working with SciGene with the goal of streamlining our cellular FISH workflow and reducing our reagent costs per test. We thought the MicroFISH Assay System, then in development by SciGene, could be the answer. 
We received early access to MicroFISH technology and clinically validated the system using MicroFISH slides and SciGene equipment, including the CytoBrite Slide Incubation System and Little Dipper Processor. The system has met all of our expectations. It requires only 1μl of cells per hybridization which conserves precious samples. More importantly, it uses only 1 μl of probe solution per test reducing our costs by 75%.
The MicroFISH system is now in routine use in our FISH lab running up to 100 blood cell and bone marrow samples per day. Our technicians really love the easy method using a single slide to process up to 8 FISH hybridizations and the consistency of hybridization quality provided by the automation, thus reducing set up time and simplifying scoring.

Success Stories

Sally Kochmar — MicroFISH Assay System
Lab Manager, UPMC Magee-Women’s Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA

Heather Salsgiver — CytoBond Sealant
FISH Technologist, Clin-Path Diagnostics

Mingya Liu — Little Dipper Processor
FISH Supervisor, Genetics Associates, Nashville, TN