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Are YOU ready for inspection?
ONLY the CytoBrite System has built-in temperature verification. Trade-in any ThermoBrite or HYBrite for a 25% discount! Contact us for details.

*CYG33950 ISH Slide Processing Temperature Checks (08/17/16)


MicroFISH Assay System
Set up 8-probe FISH panels with a single slide and coverslip — without rubber cement.

>> Watch MicroFISH video

Charlotte, NCApril 11-13, 2018
ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting
Discover how the MicroFISH Assay System from SciGene condenses a FISH panel of up to 8 probes onto a single slide using just 1 microliter of sample and probe per hybridization. Labs can save $400 per panel in reagents.


Mingya Liu Little Dipper Processor
FISH Supervisor, Genetics Associates, Nashville, TN

We have been using the Little Dipper Processor daily since 2010 to perform post-hyb wash procedures on FISH and microarray slides. Automated washing cleans slides much better and centrifugal drying is very fast. We cannot imagine going back to the manual method!