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Are YOU ready for inspection?
ONLY the CytoBrite System has built-in temperature verification. Trade-in any ThermoBrite or HYBrite for a 25% discount! Contact us for details.

*CYG33950 ISH Slide Processing Temperature Checks (08/17/16)


MicroFISH Assay System
Set up 8-probe FISH panels with a single slide and coverslip — without rubber cement.

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Charlotte, NCApril 11-13, 2018
ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting
Discover how the MicroFISH Assay System from SciGene condenses a FISH panel of up to 8 probes onto a single slide using just 1 microliter of sample and probe per hybridization. Labs can save $400 per panel in reagents.


Heather Salsgiver Nichols CytoBond Sealant
FISH Technologist, Clin-Path Diagnostics, LLC, Tempe, AZ

Our lab has been using CytoBond Sealant for over a year now and our techs love it. Only two months after trying it, we completely replaced our rubber cement with CytoBond. We use it with blood, bone marrow and FFPE samples with Abbott probes. Everyone in the lab likes it because of its ease of use.